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January 2021

Effect of Population Growth on National Development

The term "population growth" refers to how the number of individuals in a population increases with time. This growth is controlled by the rate at which new individuals are added to the population -- the birth rate, and the rate at which individuals leave the population -- the death rate.Read More

Population Education: Meaning, Assumptions and Aims

Population education is an educational process, which helps individual to learn about population and particularly the effect of population dynamics and the related problems on the individuals, family, community, nation and the world. Its main purpose is to create awareness, to provide knowledge and to develop positive attitude for improving population situation to ensure a better life now and in future.Read More

Causes of Gender Inequality

Over the years, the world has gotten closer to achieving gender equality. There is better representation of women in politics, more economic opportunities, and better healthcare in many places of the world. However, the World Economic Forum estimates it will take another century before true gender equality becomes a reality. What drives the gap between genders? Here...Read More

Developing Collaboration within School Community

Peer support is a strategy that involves placing students in pairs or in small groups to participate in learning activities that support academic instruction and social skills. Read More

Developing Collaboration with Family and Other Caregivers

Involving parents and the community is an important principle of quality, both in and out of the classroom. It is even more relevant in the case of inclusive education, which is much broader than formal education and should not only take place within the four walls of a classroom. Parents’ collaboration is not only of...Read More

Economic Institutions

Economics Institutions defined The term ‘economic institutions’ is usually used for socially sanctioned such concepts and struc­tures which men have developed in the process of satisfying their material needs. Economic institutions provide basic physical subsistence for society and meet needs for food, shelter, clothing and other necessities of life. These insti­tutions include production agriculture and...Read More

Universal Design for Inclusive Schools

Universal design is a concept that has evolved from the more traditional view of accessibility as being solely for the benefit of persons with disabilities. The practical application of universal design is achieved through understanding and using the goals of universal design.Read More

Madrassa Reforms in Pakistan

Reforming madrassas is a major concern. New developments at international level, especially the events of 11th September 2001, increased the importance of Madrassa reforms not only for Pakistan but also for the whole Muslim World. The Government of Pakistan and countries in the West, particularly America, are now eagerly seeking to enforce changes in the...Read More